Durango - Women's Square Toe Triad RD4130

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Attractive cowgirl boots featuring a square toe, an ornamented shaft, stacked heel and pull straps for easy on/off. Also features Durango Suspension System combined with Durango outsole to provide ultimate support and durability with integrated comfort. It has a suspension footbed which is constructed with shock absorbing PU with a natural contour for the perfect fit and comfort. A Comfort Core Heel shock prevents the footbed from slipping when putting the boots on or taking them off. Also features a suspension insole which is constructed with a durable injection molded TPU heel piece with Flexwelt forepart for maximum flexibility.


The TPU heel piece provides tortional stability which interlocks with the shank to create the ultimate support structure. Incites perfect shank placement every time. Suspension Spoon Shank (patent pending) is the first full length heel core compatible steel shank. Fits under the hole in the heel of the Suspension Insole, creating a cavity for the heel core of the footbed to fit down into. This also prevents the footbed from sliding around when putting the boot on or taking it off.

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