Siskiyou Gifts - Steam Engine Enameled Belt Buckle H40E-M

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This beautifully carved belt buckle features the locomotive.  Across the front is a railroad car with steam coming out of it on a train track.  On the back are the words, "The growth and greatness of the United States and Canada is due in large part to the important historic role of the railroads.  This spirit lives on today." The buckle is enhanced with brown, blue and white enamel.  This exquisitely carved buckle is made of fully cast metal with a standard bale that fits up to 2" belts.

  • Fully cast metal buckle
  • Expertly crafted details
  • Standard bale fits up to 2" belts
Weight: 0.28 lbs.
Width: 3.00 in.
Length: 2.50 in.
Height: 0.50 in.
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