Double H - Men's 3283 USA-Made Pull-On Leather Cowboy Work Boots

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Double H Boots: Men's 3283 USA-Made Pull-On Leather Cowboy Work Boots

A lot of cowboy boots - like these - have slight heels, pointed toes, and easy-on pull tabs. But it's not real cowboy footwear unless they're laceless, and there's a good reason for that. Double H Men's 3283 Western 12-Inch Black USA-Made Pull-On Boots, like all proper Western footwear, have no laces to interrupt the tough leather. The design keeps dust and debris out of the inside of the Double H boots because when you're working, you don't have time to stop and shake out your leather boots. 

The all-black design is made with black oil-tanned leather, which has a non-gloss matte finish. The tough leather is naturally flexible and soft around feet to give you stretchy, malleable comfort. But it's also durable against wind and weather, resistant to water, and made for long wear. The tall, 12-inch design of the men's footwear will give you plenty of coverage. 

The embellished shafts are leather-lined to create comfortable interiors for your feet. Absorbent Vitalize orthobeds in the men's boots guard your feet against their two most bitter enemies: sweat and pain. These are soft and cushioning, and they're also moisture-wicking. Sweat will be wicked away from your skin, so you'll stay drier. Because they're removable, you can pull out the inserts from the USA-made boots at any time and give them a good cleaning. 

The AG7 outsoles are abrasion-resistant to stand up to your workday. The flexible soles are also oil-resistant and durable even around corrosive chemicals. The slightly pointed 920/902 toes and 1-5/8-inch heels complete the cowboy profile.

Double H Men's 3283 Western 12-Inch Pull-On Black American-Made Boots are proper cowboy boots - with all the durability to prove it. 

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