Minnetonka - PILE LINED SOFTSOLE 763

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Timeless softsoles for a relaxed lifestyle. 
When it’s time to unwind indoors, these durable slippers are go-to favorites. Plush pile lining keeps feet warm and comfortable. Soft and supple suede on the top and bottom gives you an almost barefoot feel. Rawhide laces and a rich suede color make these house shoes a classically handsome style.


  • Soft suede leather
  • Pile lining 
  • Suede softsole



If scuffs and stains happen, no problem. Grab a suede brush and gently rub scuffs away. A suede brush works on watermarks and stains too - simply brush away the marks with water. For tougher stains, add a dab of suede cleaner . Let your slippers air-dry overnight. Stick white tissue paper inside your slippers to make sure your suede keeps its form while it dries. 

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